Glacier National Park 

Literally the stuff (my) dreams are made of. Do you ever see a photo online and ask “yea, but is that just a good photo by a professional or does it really look like that?” Well, Glacier National Park not only really does look like that, but is much more amazing in person, actually!! Breathtaking. Every lake, every hike, every vista.

 I have nothing but praise to sing about every inch of this wonderful, magical place. I have been to my fair share of National Parks, and this one is by far at the very, very top of my list. It’s truly stunning!!  

Crisp, serene, blue and turquoise, snow filled. Oh, I could’ve just stayed for days. I cannot believe I even questioned taking the long drive out of the way to come here. Totally worth it all! If you too are wondering if it’s worth it, let me tell you, it is. Don’t question it….GO!! NOW! 

Seeing this beauty should be on everyone’s bucket-list in my opinion, but get here fast! They say the glaciers only have about 22 years or so left before they completely melt. As a ranger pointed out, they will not be around when my children grow to be my age. What a devastating thought. 

Going To The Sun Road crosses the park from East to West and is a must ride! You enter at St Mary’s and exit at Apgar or visa versa. There are so many places to jump off, hike, swim, fish, picnic, play in a waterfall, you name it! The “Weeping Wall” was a favorite for the kiddos! 

Keep in mind the majority of the park it is only open from late June to mid October due to snowfall. Also, fill up your tank right before you enter the park. There are stations just outside of each entrance! 

There’s all sorts of wildlife here. You name, they’ve got it! The only animals we encountered however were horses and wild cattle outside the park and elk and mountain goats inside. Very friendly ones too! Apparently Logan’s Pass is the place to see the mountain goats which is where we did! The hike is definitely worth it! We were able to touch and play in the snow at the top too!! Way cool!! Kiddos thought this was THE neatest thing in August! Logan’s Pass visitor center has great souvenirs. A lot less expensive than I anticipated also! The Rangers and employees were all very sweet and helpful. 

 Don’t forget bear spray. Sounds so silly I know, but better safe than sorry especially with the wee ones. It doesn’t hurt to educate yourself and them about bear safety before your journey either! Everyone we saw hiking had the spray strapped onto them. I got mine on Amazon for $35. With ever penny for that piece of mind.  

Camping sites are on a fist come, first serve basis as they are in the majority of National Parks. They cannot be reserved in advance at all. It gets VERY chilly at night, so get out your -20 degree sleeping bags to ensure a comfortable night’s stay. 

Oh, and duh, you will not have reception while in the park. How lovely!!


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    Wow! The colors!

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