Shopping in Santa Fe 

Oh my how I loved Jackalope in all its wonderfully vibrant ways! This was our first colorful stop when we strolled into Sante Fe and it set the tone perfectly for our authentic day!
 We were greeted immediately outside in the midst of gorgeous colored, traditional planters and lawn decor. There’s a box near the entrance to the store where you will find broken tiles for the taking. I can imagine this is a great place to come for a lover and/or creator of mosaics! We only took one piece per person but there was no limit! Artists, rejoice!

We then entered to find incredible oversized hand woven rugs! How I dreamed about these bold beauties popping against my dark bamboos floors at home! They also make perfect backdrops for photo ops while you’re here! (wink, wink) 

Then the pillows! Oh the pillows! I’m not sure anyone loves a good throw pillow as much as me, just ask my husband who rolls his eyes every time I purchase a new one. This place was like a woven pillowy heaven! 

There’s really adorable items for children from beaded hair clips, wooded instruments, little dolls, mini purses, backpacks, woven shoes, and llamas! Tons and tons of llamas!! This mama is obsessed with llamas and my kids and I were absolutely in our glory! 

Tons of traditional Mexican tiles, ceramics and mirrors. You’re bound to find a fabulous accent piece for your home here! 

For the ladies there were amazing oversized weekender bags I drooled over and wanted so very badly, but they were leather and I don’t wear animal. Bummer! Check them out if you do, and buy one so I can vicariously through you! So stunning with hand embroidery! There’s also traditional peasant tops and sun dresses. 

Of course a fair amount of turquoise and coral too! Strands of beads galore! Didn’t buy any turquoise which I was on the hunt for however. While the variety was vast, I didn’t find that “it” piece I so desired. 

From what I gathered, there are a few different vendors set up in this one extremely large space. The ladies handling the purses and childrens’ goods to the left front were where we purchased most our our artifacts from were so sweet and worth mentioning. They were selling items imported from Guatemala and Mexico and the one woman didn’t speak a lick on English. She so kind and spent time teaching my girls some Spanish! This was definitely a great stop for us all! 

If I wasn’t flying home I would’ve absolutely purchased more pillows and perhaps a rug. Prices for some items including the ones I mentioned were high, but no higher than I’ve seen online for imported goods. In general some items were a tad pricey, but I found a good portion of them to be unique and worth the splurge. A great place to purchase souviners if you’re traveling!

*Its located directly across the street from Meow Wolf, a trippy interactive art installation. It’s easy to a stop at both places!


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