Ojo Caliente Mineral Spa 

My favorite side of the road, random road-trip stop to date! Located in somewhat of a deserted, but sacred section of New Mexico is this beautiful hill side mineral spa with mud baths! Ojo is world renowned and one of the oldest natural health resorts in the county. It opened in 1868! 
The best part for me before even entering the beautiful property was the fact that it is kid friendly! I get it, I can certainly understand for some that would be a negative, but the entire pool area is “whispers only” and children are only allowed in until 6pm. So if you think this will be an issue, perhaps plan around that. For this Mama, it worked out perfectly! I wouldn’t a recommend a visit here for all children however. Mamas, use your discretion. I knew my kiddos would be just fine and I can honestly say it was such an amazing Mother/Daughter bonding experience. The first of many spa days with my little girls. In fact, we had such a great time here we treated ourselves to another mineral spa on this trip just a few days later.

All baths at Ojo are sulphur-free and contain geothermal mineral water that has flowed from a subterranean volcanic aquifer for thousands of years. Very cool! Don’t miss a hike up the mountain on the side of the property! There you will find little gorgeous pieces of volcanic rock!
We took a few slivers home and they now rest on my coffee table as a daily reminder of our experience at Ojo!

The waters at Ojo include Arsenic, lithia, soda, iron. There’s also a Kiva pool which for those who don’t know, a Kiva is a traditional circular gathering place where rituals are held for the Pueblo people. I love how Ojo stays true to the areas roots. 
Our favorite part of Ojo was by far the mud baths!!! Warm mud fountains to cover yourself with. You then lay out and let the sun bake it in! Very cool!! We soaked in a warm mud filled tub and to say the kiddos loved it is an understatement. Definitely a highlight of our entire multi-state trip! The kiddos didn’t want to leave the mud! I mean, what kid would?! It felt incredible and our skin felt so great afterwards.

There are cozy hammocks, fireplaces and labyrinths also! The scenery next to the mountain, the calming surroundings, and muted tones were absolutely amazing!

There are different prices for different times of the day and year. There are moonlight dips too! There are bath and accommodation combination packages, and spa packages too. (The Native American Pricky Pear Scrub is on my list for next time!) There are even secluded baths for those who want to go au naturale!

We personally just stopped in randomly and paid for a day pass. We were given one towel per person. Extras are an additional cost. Don’t forget your bathing suits, flips flops and even a robe perhaps!

The experience my girls and I had was absolutely a 5 star. I would love, and plan on a return visit and definitely think it’s worth going out of your way for!
*Ojo is out there so make sure you fill up on gas before making the trek! Worth the journey!


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