Treasure Falls 

Little hike, big rewards!! We randomly stumbled upon Treasure Falls on our way from Great Sand Dunes National Park to Mesa Verde National Park while driving along Route 160 which passes through the San Juan National Forest. 

There’s a small parking lot just feet from where the trail begins. If you head to the right of the barriers in front you can see where the falls end in the far distance! The trail you will see over to the right is the primitive trail. The one to the left is marked although when we came it was covered in snow! 

The hike itself is a very short one. It’s only about 1/2 mile, however, it’s on a bit of an incline and when we visited late April the path was complete unclear and that wasn’t even on the primitive trail! Tons of ice, slush and snow. Be careful if you come that time of year. It’s a winding trail also, and I do not recommend doing near sunset. 

There’s a very sturdy misting bridge mid falls and there you can snap your selfies and can then choose to continue back down the way you came or cross over and descend down the primitive trail which was so filled with waist high snow we couldn’t even step onto it. 

It’s the shortest hike to the largest waterfall I’ve ever seen and I say it’s an absolute must do! It’s definitely doable with small children. The only issue you may have is elevation in general, not just here. The forest peaks at about 12,000 feet and I absolutely felt it. 

We saw one couple backcountry camping. I personally think there’s other spots around the forest which are better for this. There’s really no flat service and because of the incline and depending on the ground conditions, you could end up with one sliding tent! .

If you are in the area, you must stop by! It was such an incredible find! Very easy to drive by, but don’t!! Don’t let what I said about the snow deter you, we think it added to the beauty of the entire experience!! Just use caution!


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